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Welcome to Kalaarii Craft

Kalaarii Craft offers exquisite handicrafts from all over India, delivered right to your doorstep. Our aim is not just to provide you with beautiful artifacts, but also to share the fascinating stories of our rich Indian heritage with those who may not be familiar with it.

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Wooden Handicrafts

India is considered as the land of tradition and culture. Handicrafts form an integral part of India’s rich and unique customs. The craft council of India has given a report saying, “Handicraft is the second-largest source of employment in the country, after agriculture.”

This inheritance, or we say, Indian handicraft’s history of making unique and beautiful handicrafts has been passed from one generation to another.

India has a unique variety of awestruck hand-made paintings and beautiful woodcraft. Such delicately designed handcrafted items can only be found in India. 

Using wood available locally, each region of the country developed its own definitive techniques and styles. Today, Indian wooden handicrafts are exported all over the world and are prized for their beautiful craftsmanship, durability and the capacity to fit harmoniously into global lifestyles.

Indian wooden handicrafts use both hardwood and softwood for creating beautiful, long-lasting products. Our country’s diverse geography ensures every region has access to a different kind of wood with distinctive grain and strength, most of which are deciduous and evergreen. Alpine forests and trees belonging to arid regions are also present. These trees are used extensively to manufacture wooden handicrafts. Wooden handicrafts include furniture, utensils, boxes, beads, finely carved figurines, accessories, etc.

Artisans have, over centuries, developed Products best suited to the wood available and created a treasure trove of wooden handicrafts. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to carve a piece of wood and make something unique and beautiful out of it. The patterns and figures that are engraved on every piece of wood have a different story.

The magnetic appeal of Indian Wooden Handicrafts lies in its exclusivity.

Here are some of the most famous Indian wooden handicrafts that we sell at Kalaarii Craft:

1.  Types of Wooden Serving Trays

  • Plain Wooden Serving Trays
  • Hand Painted Wooden Serving Trays
  • Hand painted Wooden Serving trays with drawer
  • Trays with Blue Pottery Designs

2. Wooden Coaster

  • Hand Painted Warli art Wooden Coasters (set of 6)
  • Rajwada Art Elephant Painting Wooden Coaster (set of 4)

3. Several Unique Wooden Sets

  • Handcrafted Wooden Decorative Monkey Set
  • Wooden Undercut Decorative Owl Set
  • Undercut Wooden Elephant
  • Hand Carved Wooden Elephant
  • Handmade Wooden Tissue box
  • Hand-crafted Antique Wooden Buddha Head

A specially curated collection that showcases the best from our skilled artisans is available on Kalaarii Craft’s website, so check out our complete range of craft works, now!

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